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Weather Information, Some related to Eclipses

National Weather Service National Forecast Maps...Explore this site or use the following three links.

National Weather Service Forecast Maps Forecast Maps are shown in a loop (multiple days/times). You can select the map to view (e.g. Sky Cover, Probability of Precipitation). Gray on the map for sky cover represents clouds.

National Weather Service Satellite Loops You can view the location of water vapor for the past 24 hours on this page. Other loops are available.

College of DuPage NeXt Generation Weather Lab This site has various weather loops for satellite images. The Hemispheric and Regional Products give interesting views.

NOAA Water Vapor Interactive Loop Use your mouse wheel to advance or rewind this loop of water vapor. Click on "Imagery and Data" on the top menu for other loops.

Wunderground Wundermap You may have to drag the map to show your location. Then unselect unwanted layers and select a layer or two (e.g. Satellite and Webcams). Click on a webcam for a city near you. You will see the current sky (for most web cams) and some ground terrain (traffic, lakes, mountains, etc.) for some web cams. Click on "Save Prefs" at the top right of the screen. When you come back to this page on the same computer your current selections will be preserved.

Clear Dark Sky This page gives predictions for Beatrice, NE. To reset the page to your location 1) Click on the "Clear sky charts Home" link on the left side of the window. 2) Scroll down the list of states under USA and select your state. 3) Scroll down the list of locations to find a site near you and click on its link.

AccuWeather Enter your location in the search box. Click on "Radar and Maps." Click on "Radar & Satellite."

Mead Observing Conditons forecast for 15 miles south of Fremont, Nebraska.

Intellicast Eastern Nebraska This page shows an animated loop of the image taken in visible light of eastern Nebraska by a weather satellite.

Intellicast Sky Watch You will need to select the date and time for the forecast. If you select daylight hours the map is more or less all white. Select a night time e.g. 00 hours (midnight) to get the night cloud forecast.

Unisys Weather Midwest Enhanced Infrared This page shows the latest infrared satellite image of the Midwest. The image is enhanced to better show clouds. The brightest regions are the highest, and coldest, clouds.

Unisys Weather USA Water Vapor Loop This page shows a repeating loop of the satellite image of water vapor across the USA. Where there is more water vapor it is more likely to be cloudy.

Weather Channel This link gives you information on weather conditions in Fremont, Nebraska. The page will include an overlay of radar in motion on the map that has city names. This is useful when storms are in the area.

Weather Underground This site has the local weather and forecast for Fremont, Nebraska.
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