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Discussion Groups and Blogs
Yahoo Small Planetarium This is a group focused on small planetariums.
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Full Dome Information and Video
Arts Lab Scroll down the page to find resource links for development of full dome materials. Or, click on the Resources menu item at the top of the window.
Bourke This page has a link to Paul Bourke's 2005 Planetarian article that discusses full dome projection.
Clark Planetarium
Full Dome Clips This page lists clips of full dome programs available from Clark Planetarium. Use Quicktime to view the videos. This clips are not free. They require a license from Clark Planetarium.
Loch Ness List Hover the mouse on the References menu item to see the links to a table of the shows available for Full Dome, Full Dome Theaters, etc. The shows are grouped by the producer of the show. The table lists: date of production, duration, title, style, audience, subject and more.
Loch Ness Compendum This web page is a database of full dome theaters around the world with contact information.
Ning This is a portal for full dome information, discussions, and blogs.
Vimeo Full Dome Go to the Vimeo web page and search for fulldome or full dome. As of March 2012 there were 618 posted videos related to fulldome and 239 for full dome. I don't think they all relate to planearia.
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Hubble Source Informal Education resources. Exhibits, Source Material, Event Listings
Museum Alliance This site supports informal education efforts (e.g. museums, planetaria) You need to fill out the free registration form to get access to materials.
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Miscellaneous This site has listings of events, a Forum, pictures, videos (several trailers of shows), a blog, and a link to Dome-L.
Great Western
Newsletters This site has an archive of the Great Western Observer newsletters (pdf) back to 2002.
Special Effects IPS Special Effects tips for the planetarium.
Starry Night Free This site lists free educational resources from Starry Night. Some of the resources are: Pronunciation Guide, Concept Diagrams, Astronomy Tutorials, Starry Night software enhancements, simple interactive, online sky chart.
Web Links This page provided by Jack Dunn lists useful links for planetarium resources.
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Planetarium Web Pages
Adler..Chicago The Adler Planetarium in Chicago (founded in 1930) is the USA's first major planetarium.
Lueninghoener..Fremont This is the informational page for the Lueninghoener Planetarium at Midland University, Fremont, Nebraska. The planetarium was primarily used for educational presentations for school groups before 2014.
Mueller..Lincoln Location: Lincoln, Nebraska on the UNL campus. This planetarium has regularly scheduled programs.
SWAP This is the home page for the SouthWest Assoc. of Planetaria. Some links are broken.
Western Alliance
Meeting This site has information about the The Western Alliance of>
YAHOO Small Planetarium Use your Yahoo login to go back to this group after you register for the Small Planetarium group.
AAPLF Map This site maintains a list of planetaria around the world. You can click on the world map or on a region name. The browser window will show a Google Earth map with planetaria located by markers.
IPS List IPS has posted a pdf file that lists planetaria around the world. The web site and e-mail address is listed when available.
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Scientific Visualizations Space Visualization Lab
Galaxy Collision This visualization shows a collision between two galaxies. The visualization was done by Frank Summers (Space Telescope Science Institute). The video runs for 54 seconds.
Hayden Planetarium 2005 This meeting "brought together visualization providers, users, commercial vendors, and NASA scientists and mission personnel in order to evaluate the current state of astronomical visualization for informal science audiences, and to make recommendations to NASA on what next steps should be taken and on how to coordinate efforts within the community."
Summers This web site has short scientific visualizations created by Frank Summers of the Space Telescope Institute.
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Sky Software
AstroTips This site has news about astronomy software and links. Not all the software listed is free.
Celestia Motherlode This site has addons for the Celestia program
Intrrastar This page lists free astronomy software and provides links. Each software title has a brief description.
Nine Planets This site has a list of links for planetarium software. The software is grouped by operating system. The cost is listed. Scroll down to find software groupings of Java, Sky Survey, Web Based Planetariums, Data, Misc.
Sky-Map This is an interactive sky map. You can view images of objects you select. It appears that users are allowed to upload their astronomy photos. Read the Getting Started material before you try to use this web page.
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