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View Images and Video of the Total Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017... last edit for this page on 9/23/2017 ...

NASA Web Site for the Eclipse This site has links to NASA Flickr page. You can view images and videos uploaded by others or upload your own. You can watch the Four hour NASA recording of some of the viewing sites for the coast-to-coast eclipse.

NASA Facebook page This site has posts, videos, photos, events, and more. Scroll through the list of videos to find eclipse videos.

Eclipse MegaMovie This site seeks to gather citizen science data about the eclipse.

NASA Nebraska High-Altitude Balloon Project Part 1 This site describes the release of three high altitude balloons from Grand Island.

NASA Nebraska High-Altitude Balloon Project Part 2 This site has images and video from the high altitude balloons from Grand Island.

Weather Satellite Loop This site has a video of North America from the GOES weather satellite. You can see the Moon's shadow track across the USA for August 21, 2017.

CNBC Article About Traffic Maps on Eclipse Track This article shows snapshots of Google Maps with red lines indicating slow traffic along the eclipse track.

Wikimedia Commons Collections of Photos from Different States

Wikimedia Commons Eclipse from Oregon Eclipse photographs from locations in Oregon.

Wikimedia Commons Eclipse from Idaho Eclipse photographs from locations in Idaho.

Wikimedia Commons Eclipse from Wyoming Eclipse photographs from locations in Wyoming.

Wikimedia Commons Eclipse from Nebraska Eclipse photographs from locations in Nebraska .... Very Good.

Wikimedia Commons Eclipse from Missouri Eclipse photographs from locations in Missouri.

Wikimedia Commons Eclipse from Illinois Eclipse photographs from locations in Illinois.

Wikimedia Commons Eclipse from Kentucky Eclipse photographs from locations in Kentucky.

Wikimedia Commons Eclipse from Tennessee Eclipse photographs from locations in Tennessee.

Wikimedia Commons Eclipse from South Carolina Eclipse photographs from locations in South Carolina.

That Oregon Life Web Site Eclipse photographs from various locations in Oregon

Sky and Telescope Video of People's Reactions Several people are interviewed after the eclipse to record their impressions of the total solar eclipse.

YouTube Eclipse videos posted by Jon Larsen Videos: Totality in Alliance, NE; 360 degree sunset; and other views

YouTube Drone Video Browken Bow, NE Video of the total solar eclipse from a drone at altitude of 350 feet. Street lights come on. Drone pans around horizon. No sound.

YouTube Drone Video Casper, WYO The video is time compressed.

Video From Alaska Airlines Flight 9671 Aug 21, 2017 Views of the people observing the eclipse from windows of the plane. Some views of Sun and Moon's shadow on top of clouds.

Video From Alaska Airlines above clouds from 2016 eclipse over the Pacific Ocean ... Good Alaska Airlines Flight 870 March 8, 2016. Moon's shadow visible on top of clouds. Submitted Videos and Photos This web site asked people to upload videos and photos they took of the eclipse.

NASA Balloon Project The top right of this page has a video of highlights from the eclipse balloon project. The video is from high altitude balloons.

iNaturalist Web Site This site asked people to observe animals and plants around them before, during, and after the eclipse, and then share results. There is an interactive map that you can click on to see the observations made by people. ...Medium qualtity...

What To Do With Your Solar Viewing Glasses This site gives some options for your solar vieweing glasses. Options include donating them for use by people in other countries, saving them for use in 2024, etc.

2024 Eclipse Information and Historical Eclipse Information

Wikipedia *** 2024 *** Eclipse This site has information on the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse.

Time And Date This site has historical (and other) information about eclipses.

YouTube Video of 2006 Total Solar Eclipse

Video of 2006 total solar eclilpse in Libya This video lasts about 7 minutes. The audio gives you a sense of the excitement as the eclipse starts and the awe during the eclipse.

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