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Astronomy Events for 2011
Galaxy Zoo You can help astronomers classify galaxies. This is the third version of this project. As of early 2010 it is just getting started using images from the Hubble telescope. The images are of distant galaxies and are not the bright, colorful, clear images you see in coffee table books about the Hubble telescope. The human eye/brain is better than computers at classifying the images. The volunteers who used the first two versions of this site made tens of millions of classifications of types of galaxies and characteristics of the galaxies.
Hawking's Universe NOVA, Cosmology, Description of the Universe and its contents
Hubble Deep Field This very brief Flash video is narrated.
Map of Universe This site has objects organized by distance from us. (12.5 LY to 14 Billion LY)
Ned Wright's Cosmology
News and Tutorials This site has cosmology tutorials and recent news about cosmology related items.
New Scientist This site has background material on cosmology and recent news items.
Runaway Universe NOVA, accelerating expansion of the universe
Science Daily News This site has news related to cosmology.
Universe Adventure This site has short tutorials on cosmology.
Universe to 1 Billion LY This page shows galaxy superclusters around the sky. You can zoom in to see clusters in the Virgo supercluster, and can zoom to see the Local Group of galaxies.
WMAP This site shows the Cosmic Background Radiation as mapped by WMAP.
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AAVSO AAVSO Quick Look at Data
Horizons NASA online ephemeris calculations; planets, planetary satellites, asteroids, comets
NASA Space Science Mission Data Center; planetary, stellar, galactic, and more, with links to other data resources
Sloan Survey Sloan Digital Survey The site has images and spectra available. There is documentation on how to use the site and tools to help you use the site.
SuperCOSMOS digitized data from scans of Schmidt sky survey, BRI wavebands
Virtual Observatory US National Virtual Observatory ... data and information, not a robotic telescope
MAST Multimission Archive; Space Telescope Institute; spacecraft data including Hubble; digitized data from other sources
US Naval Observatory This site has astronomical data calculators (rise, set, moon phase, etc.) accurate time of day, The Sky This Week (text description of the sky; box on right), and more.
Wolfram Alpha Astronomy This page has examples of inputs to the Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine. Alpha is more of a search of an extensive data base than a search of Internet sites. Results are in the form of text, numbers, graphs, etc.
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Eclipsing Binary Stars
Bruton's Site Dan Bruton's site .. Basic and Advanced Theory, Excel worksheets, animations, software
Group of Observers Eclipsing Binary Observers...Links to papers and resources
O-C Diagrams Atlas of O-C Diagrams
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Amazing Space This site has tools for educators.
Astronomy Center; This site is a collection of digital resources for teachers and students. You can find resources by browsing by topic or by type of resource or by searching.
Astronomy Notes This site, by Nick Strobel,is an online Astronomy book. Read the copyright notice. Educators can use materials off of this site.
Astronomy Workshop U. of Maryland; content for students, instructors, and the general public
Canadian Astronomy
Education This site has tips for classroom instruction, curriculum resources, information about astronomy careers, tips for amatuer astronomy, etc.
Center for Astronomy
Education This is the home page for the Center for Astronomy Education. "The Center for Astronomy Education (CAE), in Steward Observatory at the Univ. of Arizona, lead by Ed Prather & Gina Brissenden, is devoted to improving teaching and learning in Astro 101 by conducting fundamental research on student beliefs and reasoning difficulties related to astronomy, and instructor implementation difficulties related to teaching astronomy." This site has announcments about workshops for educators, an archive of messages posted on the astrolrner LISTSERV, Teaching Strategies (with Archive), Projects to Improve Astronomy Education, (The College Locator Database is wildly incomplete.), Publications (Full Text Articles), Facebook link, NASA images link, Resources (other websites with tools for Astronomy Education). I highly recommend this site.
Compadre for Astronomy This site has educational resources, news, etc. You can browse or search the site.
General Astronomy This is an open content textbook for introductory astronomy. It covers the full year of an Introductory Astronomy course (the sky, historical astronomy, light, telescopes, solar system, stars, galaxies, cosmology, etc.).
NASA Education This site gives you access to various educational resources from NASA.
Nebraska Applets Nebraska Astronomy Applet Project; in depth astronomy simulations suitable for lab work by students
Sea and Sky Astronomy Reference Guide Glossary of Astronomy Terms, FAQ, Messier Catalog, Calendar of Sky Events, Astronomy Equipment Guide, Photos, Software, and more
Starry Night
Resources...Free Starry Night software has made several astronomy resources available at no cost. There is an interactive night sky, concept diagrams, pronunciation help, a few tutorials, and much more.
Strobel Astronomy Notes This is Nick Strobel's online astronomy textbook. The online version is copyrighted but free to use for educational purposes.
Swinburne Swinburne Australia online astronomy degrees
Universe in the Classroom This site has astronomy resources for teachers. You can register for a free email newsletter "The Universe in the Classroom." You can read the archives of the newsletter at this site. The site is for teachers at all age levels.
UNL Workshops; Astronomy Education Workshops at the University of Nebraska
Websites for Educators This site was assembled by Fraknoi in 2004. It has links useful for those who teach astronomy. Several links have expired and need updating.
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CCD Selection Mogens Winther's comments on selecting a CCD camera and software; with useful links
SBIG equipment and software for images
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Images...Be sure to read the conditions of use document for each site.
Anglo-Australian Obs Image collection fo the Anglo-Australian Observatory. You can browse for images by type of object or select one of three telescopes. Prints of images are for sale at this site. These images have a copyright. Under maintenance November 2016.
Astronaut Photography photos taken by astronauts; has a search feature
Astronomy Picture
of the Day
All Years This page lets you select any month from June 1995 to the present. Thumbnails for the images that were presented each day of that month will be displayed. The individual image page will explain the image.
Aurora Cam Aurora Web Cam; near Fairbanks, Alaska; gallery online
Aurora, Michigan Tech photos, links to sites that map current aurora activity, space weather, live fisheye webcams of the Night Sky at several locations
Aurora Max This site monitors the intensity and frequency of aurora as viewed from Yellowknife in the Northwest Territory. There are real time views of aurora, sunspots, and the auroral oval as imaged from satellites. You can view archived aurora "fisheye" movies. I would recommend you look at the Top 5 selection.
Milky Way This site lets you view all sky images centered on the plane of the Milky Way. You can select views of gamma rays, x-rays, visible, Hydrogen Alpha, infrared, microwave, or radio images of the sky.
Cosmotography This site has images taken by R Jay GaBany using 12inch and 20 inch telescopes. All images are copyrighted. I include this site to let you see what a dedicated individual can produce. You can purchase prints of some of the images but I have not done so. (I have no connection to this person.) I have made prints from Hubble images that have no restrictive copyright. The site also has links to other astrophotographers' web pages.
Earth at Night Click on the photo. Click again to magnify the photo. This is a composite photo of the nighttime view of earth.
Earth from Space This page has many photos of the earth taken from various spacecraft, 1966 to the present.
European Southern Obs This site has images and video.
European Space Agency
Podcasts Vodcasts This site has archives of video podcasts.
ESA Multimedia Site This page is a gateway to images, videos, and animations from the European Space Agency. The site can be searched, or images can be filtered by topic and subtopic.
Chandra X-Ray Observatory This is the home page for the orbitting Chandra X-ray telescope. The site has images and a wide variety of resources related to the telescope.
Chromoscope This site lets you select the wavelength to view the sky. (X-Ray, Visible, Hydrogen Alpha, Far Infrared, Microwave, Radio) The images are oriented with the plane of the Milky Way across the center of the screen.
Goddard Space
Flight Center
on Flicker
This site has images from GSFC. The limited number of images include the solar system, sun, Earth, and a few artists drawings.
Great Images in NASA This site is a database of NASA images that are of more historical interest than scientific interest. The photos may not be used for commercial purposes. NASA should be given credit for the photo. Some photos may have a copyright holder; they are labeled.
Haworth This site has copyrighted astrophotography. The site has tips for observing with just the eye, with binoculars, with a telescope. There are pages of descriptions of equipment and tips for taking photos. This is an extensive site.
Hubble site Hubble Space Telescope; news, photos, wallpaper, educational resources
Hubble site News release archive.
Hubble Site Tours This page has tours of notable images from Hubble. The flash tours are downloadable.
Hubble 20th Anniversary Site This site has images, videos, news, educational resources, etc. related to the Hubble Telescope.
Hubble Heritage Project Easy access to Hubble photographs and art
Hubble Legacy Archive This site makes Hubble images (FITS format, not jpeg) and data available. But, you will need to process the images yourself and spend some time learning how to access the Hubble data. This site is not recommended for those who want a quick look at a Hubble image.
Hubble Ultra Deep
Field Magnifier The Hubble Ultra Deep Field image is a long time exposure image of distant galaxies. When the page loads click on the link to Load the UDF Skywalker. This will open a new window. You can now drag a green circle around the Deep Field image and see a magnified view of what is inside the green circle. The magnified view takes a few seconds to load.
Image Software Kolena's list of image processing software
InfraRed Images California Institute of Technology Infrared images
IRIS software Free image processing software for astronomy
Jim Burnell Jim Burnell's CCD images, software
JPL Wallpaper Images This site has striking color images and artwork available for free download with varying resolutions.
Legault (France) This site has high quality astrophotography by Thierry Legault. You can find images of the International Space Station, Solar System objects, Nebulae, Star Clusters, Galaxies, etc. There is also a page that illustrates advantages of a Web Cam over a CCD camera.
Lights in the Dark This site by Jason Major has images, video, and explanations. Recent images are on the home page. The menu bar will take you to objects in the solar system.
Messier Messier Catalog; photos and information
National Optical Astronomy
Observatories Images are organized by category. The images have a copyright but can be used for educational purposes with a credit statement (see the conditions of use page). The use of images from the WIYN telescope require an additional copyright statement.
NASA on Flickr This page has NASA related photos. You can perform a search or view different categories of photos. Copyright information is usually listed with the photo.
NASA Images This site has a browsable and searchable interface for NASA images. You can download low-res or hi-res images. Images can be found from the late 1950's to the present. A credit line should be used in connection with the images and should read "NASA/courtesy of"
NIX NASA NASA Image Exchange This site lets you search for multimedia at NASA sites.
Free to use images NIX NASA
NASA History This site has history, transcripts of communications, and images from the Mercury program up through the International Space Station program.
NASA Image Gallery This site allows you to browse and search various image gallerys. It also has images from various missions.
NASA Multimedia Video, Audio, Images, Podcasts, Interactive Features, NASA TV
Photo Archive Photos from (NASA), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. This site wants users to help classify the photos.
Photo Gallery jpg photos of solar system, stars, nebulae, galaxies.
PhotoJournal This site has very good images that are free to use. The credit line should be "Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech." Click on the Query Options link to restrict the number of images to browse through. There are good separate categories for solar system objects.
Phtopic Sky Survey This is an interactive 360 degree sky photograph. This project by Nick Risinger (images are copyrighted) merges over 37,000 photos of the night sky taken at various points around the globe.
Picture of the day Astronomy Picture of the Day with explanation and links
Planetary Society This site has images from the public and government sources.
Planetary Soc. Image Tutorial This site has help for finding and processing space images.
Planets NASA planetary photojournal; images and information
Scientific Visualization NASA This site has images and video for various objects, mostly of Earth but some of solar system objects.
Sky View This site lets you request an image from instruments grouped by wavelength catetory (gamma ray through radio). You must enter the object name, or the coordinates, and select the data source. After the image is displayed you may download it in the FITS format (or small jpg).
Sloan Digital Sky Sloan Digital Sky survey. This site has images and data for about one-fourth of the sky. Read the FAQ for information on how to retrieve images.
Space Telescope ESA This is the European Space Agency site related to the Hubble telescope.
Spitzer Space Telescope This site has information, news, podcasts, and images from the Spitzer Infrared Telescope.
Windows on the Universe This link takes you to the image gallery of Windows on the Universe. Images have credits attached. You can browse by object name. There are images and animations available.
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Magazine Websites
Astronomy Magazine Astronomy Magazine web site
Sky and Telescope Sky and Telescope magazine web site
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2012 Not the End This page has a pdf file written by David Morrison, NASA Astrobiology Institute Senior Scientist. This file gives a scientific rebuttal to doomsday claims for December 2012.
AAS; American Astronomical Society
Abstracts Physics, Astronomy and Instrumentation abstracts, searchable
Amazing Space This site uses the Hubble telescope to advance our knowledge of space. You can search the site. There is a link for educators to find resources.
Apollo Program PBS site, Virtual Reality photos from Apollo landing sites; interviews; more
Astronomical Society
of the Pacific; General Astronomy information. There are educational resources at this site, and much more.
Astronomy Camp summer camp near Tucson, AZ, organized by the University of Arizona
Astronomy Cast; Fraser Cain & Dr. Pamela L. Gay; Podcast and blog of astronomy news This site has a wide variety of resources...Articles, News, Moon, Classifieds, etc.
Astrosphere This site seeks to continue the outreach to the public of The International Year of Astronomy.
Bad Astronomy; Phil Plait's site; This site corrects misinformation about astronomy
Calendar This page is an interactive night sky calendar. You can select to list dates for 1)Equinox, Solstice, Cross Quarter; 2) Eclipses; 3) Meteor Showers; 4) Moon Phases; 5) Planet Viewing. You can set the date range for the report of events. While you are at this page you should use the links to visit other pages on the Clark Planetarium (Salt Lake City) site.
Communicating Astronomy CAP is a free online journal focused on communicating astronomy to the public.
CBS Space News This site has the latest space news and links to space related stories.
Drake Equation The Drake equation is a means of estimating the number of civilizations in our galaxy that are communicating. This site has an interactive tool to let you adjust the parameters involved in the calculation.
Goddard Goddard Space Flight Center, cosmology, exoplanets, gravity, x-ray, particle Astronomy, research
Humor Student
Comments This page has comments made by astronomy students and by astronomy professionals.
Famous Astronomers D. Mark Manley's page; brief info and links to more detailed information
Fermi Questions David Weinberg's page of Astrophysical Fermi Questions
Heavens Above satellite viewing predictions, Iridium flares, star charts
Meteor Showers This site has information on meteor showers for 2008.
Moon Earthrise/set April 14 2008 "Movies" of earth rise and earth set from the Kaguya satellite that is orbitting the moon.
Podcast for Educators Astronomy Behind the Headlines This site helps informal educators to explain current astronomy topics to their audience.
Podcast This site has non-technical podcasts on different astronomy topics.
PodCast 365 This site has astronomy podcasts that were created by users. The audio lasts 5 ot 10 minutes.
ReelOrbit news articles related to astronomy, near earth objects, aerospace technology
Sea Sky This site has a variety of astronomy topics available: Sky News, Tour of the Solar System, Constellations, Astronomers, Timeline of Space Exploration, links.
SETI www/ Home page for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence organization. The web site has some information about the search for extrasolar planets and other research related to life in the universe.
Sky Maps free download of monthly sky map with notes on objects to view and events science, news, entertainment, technology, sky map, pronuciation guide, etc.
Space Port
America This site explains the private development of a space port in New Mexico. The process of beginning construction is underway.
SpaceRef news and links related to space
Swinburne Astro Links This site has links for professional astronomy, astronomy images, astronomy educational resources, Australian sites, and physics.
Universe Today Astronomy news; you can subscribe to email newsletter
Visually Impaired Site This site has resources the people with disabilities (e.g. visually impaired) learn astronomy.
Voyager Spacecraft; Information about the Voyager spacecraft, now the most distant man made object from the sun.
Washington U. Links; This site has useful links organized by category.
Week in Space This page has a list of past astronomy/space events that occured on the particular month/date. The site also allows you to sign up for free weekly e-mail with the listing of past events for each day of the week.
Willmann Bell book publishers, wide variety of topics
Windows on the Universe This page has links for astronomy in history, constellations, the sky, extrasolar planets, stars, galaxies, cosmos, images, news, etc.
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NASA Links
Apollo This site has information on the Apollo Moon Landings.
Audio (NASA) This site has audiofiles from the current month, or, you can browse back to 2005. If you perform a search on this page you will recieve links for pages other than just audio content.
Calendar This site has space related activities and anniversaries. You can select the month starting with the previous month and ending into the next year. The listed events are links that take you to a web page that has more information about the event. You can also explore an archive of previous year's events.
Clay Anderson Clay Anderson is from Nebraska. This site gives his background, has photos related to his missions, has a schedule of book signing events, etc.
Connect and Collaborate This site has links for NASA presence on social networking sites. There are links to NASA projects that solicit your input. Also, there are links to help you access NASA items on your computer.
DLN Free interactive web casts and video conferencing. You can search for events by grade level and category. Video of past web cast events can be downloaded.
DVD Catalog This site is not longer updated by NASA but has educational material that can be ordered for Educators.
Education This page lists education areas and has announcements related to education.
Education Hubble For Educators This site has educational resources organized by grade level, elementary through college, and informal education.
Educators Site This is NASA's site for educators. Materials are classified by grade level (and public). The stie has NASA news, educational video clips, podcasts, teaching materials, NASA TV, etc.
HubbleSite This page has news, galleries, discoveries, etc. related to the Hubble Space Telescope. There is also information on the next generation space telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope.
Hubble After
2009 Upgrade This set of pages gives information, images, and video related to the Hubble Telescope operations after the final upgrade/repair to the telescope. Most of the videos are less than one minute long.
Hubble 20th Anniversary This page has images and descriptions related to the 20th anniversary (April 2010) of the Hubble Space Telescope.
Hubble 20th This page has more resources to celebrate Hubble's 20th anniversary.
Imax Hubble This web page gives background on the Hubble Imax movie. The movie (3D) is as much about the servicing of the Hubble Telescope as it is about the images produced by the telescope. The web site lets you search for Imax theaters that are showing the movie.
Interactive Simulation This page gives a brief description of the simulation. You must download a program for Windows or Mac to run the simulation. In the simulation you will discover how NASA communicates with various spacecraft and retrieves data. I have not run the simulation on my own computer.
International Space
Station This site has information and resources for the International Space Station.
Jet Propulsion Lab This is the home page for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The site has news, information about missions, listings of events, multimedia, etc.
Kids Club NASA This site has games, art, stories, activities, and more. The content is somewhat selectable by skill levels, 1 to 5.
Manned Space
Flight History This site has historical descriptions and photos of man's exploration into space beginning with the Mercury program of the 1960's and including the International Space Station.
Materials This site lets you search for NASA materials and filter the results by age level, type of material (text, web site, video, etc.), and subject area.
NASA Historic
Images This site has historic photos related to NASA. You can search the site.
NASA Social Networking The site has links to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, etc. Images and Videos are available at Flickr and YouTube.
NASA Teaching Materials This sites lets you search for NASA Teaching materials. You can filter the search by grade level, type of item, and Career area.
Human Space Flight Shuttle, Space Station, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, photos, news items, realtime satellite tracking
NASA Home Page NASA Home Page; wide variety of topics
NASA News This site has news items organized by year.
NASA Science Space Science, Living in Space, Earth Science, Physics, Biology, more
NASA TV Normal Schedule This site has the normal daily schedule for NASA TV.
NASA TV Special Events This page tells you of special events on NASA TV.
NASA TV watch NASA TV online if you have a broadband connection to the Internet
NASA TV on UStream This site has videos posted in the past several days and a separate page of "archived" videos. The archive is not of really old NASA video, it is only older than the past several days.
NASA TV on YouTube
Publications This site "... includes the titles of the official NASA education print publications." You can browse the list alphabetically. The publications can be downloaded as pdf files.
NASA RSS This site lists RSS feeds available from NASA. The feeds include topical interests, mission specific, general interest, video and audio podcasts, NASA center feeds, and scientific and technical information.
SpacePorts of the World Locations and Photos of launch sites around the world.
Space Place This NASA site is designed to be used by elementary school aged children.
Space Shuttle Information and resources for the Space Shuttle.
Space Shuttle Era This site has videos and general information about the space shuttle program (interactives, launch chart, posters, spinoffs, fact sheet, etc.).
Space Telescope Institute; Links to publications, meetings, projects, Hubble Telescope news, software, pictures, etc.
Teens (NASA) This site seeks to promote interest in science among teens. This site has information on science careers, games, multimedia, etc.
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Nebraska Sites
Behlen Observatory UNL The Behlen observatory is a few miles south east of Mead Nebraska. Two or three free open houses are given each Spring and Fall.
Fontenelle Forest Omaha Millard Observatory, Neale Woods Nature Center 14323 Edith Marie Avenue, Omaha. This location is on the north side of Omaha. There is a charge for admission. Programs are given during warmer months.
Omaha Omaha Astronomical Society home page. The site has events, club meeting info, forums, astronomical resources and links, etc.
Prarie (Lincoln) Lincoln, Nebraska
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Anglo Australian Anglo Australian Observatory News Releases
Astrocast This site has astronomy news in video format. The site seeks to present astronomy in an interesting way to the public. The site is current. When I checked the site I found astronomy news items from the previous day.
Astronomy Magazine News This site has some news articles of recent discoveries.
Fox News This site has news for science and technology items including astronomy.
JPL News This site has recent astronomy news related to solar system exploration.
Nightsky Online This site has astronomy and space news. There is small amount of material specific to observers in Australia.
Planetary Society Blog This site is 'a guide to interesting stuff going on in space science, space exploration, and space advocacy.'
Portal to the Universe This site has astronomy news items and links.
Science Daily This site has astronomy news in text, images, and video formats. The news items are organized by topic.
Spaceflight Now This site has news items and video related to man's exploration of space.
Space Log This site has complete transcripts of manned space missions Mercury 6, Gemini 3, Apollo 11 and 13, and the Vostok 1 First Man in Space(if you read Russian!
Visual Astronomy This site is a blog and has monthly sky events, tips, and Astronomy news.
Universe Today Fraser Cain creates the content for this web site. You can enter your email address if you want to receive (free) daily or weekly news items in your email.
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Objects to Observe
Double Stars
Richard Bell This page shows double stars as they might be seen at a telescope. The page lists the diameter of telescope, f-number, and magnification.
Double Stars
and more
Saguaro This club serves Arizona. The web site includes a very useful page on objects to observe. Click on Observing and then on Objects to Observe.
Planetary Phenomena This site has a graphical representation of the locations of the planets for viewing in the night sky. You can get this information for the years 1885 to 2105. A detailed table of the events is below the graphs. The descriptions of how to read the graphs is found on the year 2000 page.
Calendar This web page lists interesting astronomical events for the current and nearby years.
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Observatory Newsletters
ESO European Southern Observatory in Chile
Gemini Observatory Gemini Observatory Old newsletter issues are available. The Gemini telescopes are located in Hawaii and Chile.
Keck Observatory Keck Observatory, on Mauna Kea, Hawaii This site has press releases.
NOAO National Optical Astronomy Observatory / National Solar Observatory , Arizona and Chile
NRAO National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Subaru Subaru Telescope Optical and Near Infrared on Mauna Kea, Hawaii. This site has press releases for the telescope.
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Portals Sites with Links
Allentown School District This page has astronomy links in several categories: general links, history of astronomy, solar system, stars, galaxies, telescopes, astrophotography, professional research, clubs, planetariums, software, etc. The site also provides information on the school planetarium.
PBS Lights
In the Dark This site is a resource page for the PBS movie, Lights in the Dark. It has groups of links including images from amatuers, professional observatories, astronomy information on the web, podcasts, information for buying a telescope, etc.
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Robotic Observatories
Bradford, England Bradford Robotic Telescope ... educational material, web cams
Bradford Description A Paper on the Bradford Robotic Telescope
Faulkes Telescope in Hawaii, Primarily for UK users, others associated with a school can contact for permission to use the telescope
Greece Eudoxos project; telescope is in Greece, non-European observers are allowed
Iowa U. of Iowa Robotic Telescopes; telescopes are located in Arizona
MicroObservatory Harvard U.; check the image archive -- it looks like they are still getting the bugs worked out of the system; priority is given for educational use; software;
RoboSky ROBOSky charges for observing sessions, You can view archived images.
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Heavens Above satellite viewing predictions, Iridium flares, star charts
Spaceflight Now Launch Worldwide launch schedule
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Astrophyiscs Spectator This site has simulations on orbital motions and fusions. There are also numerous articles about a wide variety of astronomy topics. Some topics are beyond the introductory college level.
Nebraska Applets Nebraska Astronomy Applet Project; astronomy simulations written in Flash
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Size and Scale
Atlas of Universe The atlasoftheuniverse site has charts and drawings related to the scale of distance between objects from stars to galaxies. The site has free materials for use by schools. (See the next entry for mroe links on this topic.)
Atlas of Universe Links This web page has links related to this topic.
Planets to Giant Stars This site has an interactive Flash animation that shows relative sizes of planets and stars. You can download a Quicktime movie (mp4) of the size comparisons.
Size Planets and Stars This is compilation of videos that shows the relative sizes of planets in our Solar System, the Sun, and larger stars. Towards the end there is a Type Ia Supernova event.
Wiki Star This page has information about stars and a jpg image of size comparisons for planets and stars.
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Sky Maps
Astronomical Calendar This site lists publications, books etc. by Guy Ottewell. The Astronomical Calendar item is highly recommended. I have never ordered from this site.
Constellations This site has information on each constellation. The constellations are listed alphabetically. The page for each constellation has a star map, neighboring constellations, background, notable stars.
Constellations Dolan Chris Dolan's web page with constellation information and other astronomy information.
Sea Sky This site displays key constellations after you select the month of the year. You can also click on a particular constellation name from a list of constellations. For each constellation you can listen to audio to learn the correct pronunciation. The major stars are listed with their magnitude values.
Sky Atlas This site displays star maps of sections of the sky you select by constellation name. It also has a wealth of tables and data on stars and objects in each constellation. Some of the sections of information are: star names, names of deep space objects, planets, asterisms, Messier catalog, SDSS catalog, principal stars, binaries and multiples, NCC, IC, Abell Catalogs, Monthly constellation list, Milky Way sky photos, Zodiac, Meteor Showers, external links, planetary calendar, etc.
Sky Maps This site has .pdf all sky maps available for the current and previous month. The maps are free for personal and educational use.
Sky-Map This is an interactive sky map. You can view images of objects you select. It appears that users are allowed to upload their astronomy photos. Read the Getting Started material before you try to use this web page. The Sloan Digital Sky survey is implemented on this site.
Sky At A Glance This web site gives night by night items of interest for the month along with simple sky maps for locations of objects.
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Animation Code; Michael Zingale has posted Python code for animations and other utilities at github.
FITS Software NRAO; image viewing software for images stored in the FITS format; links for sources of FITS images
FITS (FV) Software NASA; image viewing software for amateurs and the general public
Freeware Astronomy freeware programs
Light Curves Software for Computing Light Curves
Star Charts French site with English pages; free planetarium software with telescope control capability
Variable Star Software Karl Dubost; list of software for studying variable stars
XEphem Advanced Star Chart and Ephemeris software; free for personal or educational use
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South of the Equator
Astronomical Society Australia The Astronomical Society of Australia has links for professional astronomers, amateur astronomers, education, and general interest.
Melbourne Planetarium This site has Sky Notes, Sky Maps, Rise and Set Times, and information sheets under the Sky Watching link.
Sydney Observatory This site has monthly sky maps and descriptions of what to view for those on the southern hemisphere of the Earth.
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HR Diagram..Kaler This site has a thorough discussion of the HR diagram. Specific stars are listed on the diagram.
Spectra..Kaler This site has explanations of how astronomers use spectra.
Spectroscopy Links; This site has annotated links related to spectroscopy.
Stars by Kaler This site has a wide range of information about stars.
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80 Telescopes This page has links to web casts presented by telescope sites, both ground based and space based. The web casts were done during the 100 Hours of Astronomy project in April 2009. I don't think all 80 telescope sites have recorded videos. This site has other links for the European Southern Observatory resources.
400 Years of the Telescope This is the companion site to the Public Broadcast production. 2009 celebrates the 400th anniversary of Galileo's use of the telescope to make astronomical observations. This site has historical and modern information.
Celestron This company makes telescopes and related equipment.
Meade This company makes telescopes and related equipment.
NSF Eyes
On The Sky or This site descirbes the ground-based telescopes used for research. The site also describes the research questions that the telescopes were built to answer. You can follow links to the telescope sites where more detailed information and image galleries are available.
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Animations This site has .avi movies (some up to 20 MB) on planetary motion, ellipses, mechanics, thermodynamics, radiation, waves, binary stars, stars, and radioactivity. "All of these are coded in python, using the matplotlib library for plotting. The source code is available on github. These codes are not meant to be interactive.... You are free to use these codes or animations for teaching purposes (please credit Michael Zingale.)
Astrocast This site has astronomy news in video format. The site seeks to present astronomy in an interesting way to the public. The site is current. When I checked the site I found astronomy news items from the previous day.
Astronomical League This site promotes astronomy education, observations, and communication between astronomy groups. The site has various Flash videos for viewing and many astronomy resources and links.
E Clips This site has educational video clips. The clips are sorted by grade level (and general public).
Educators Site This is NASA's site for educators. Materials are classified by grade level (and public). The stie has NASA news, educational video clips, podcasts, teaching materials, NASA TV, etc.
European Southern Obs This site has images and video.
Hubble 20th Anniversary Site This site has images, videos, news, educational resources, etc. related to the Hubble Telescope.
International Space
Station Tour There are four videos for the complete tour. I think the videos were made in late 2008 or early 2009. If this link does not work try searching YouTube for "International Space Station Tour."
NASA Multimedia Video, Audio, Images, Podcasts, Interactive Features, NASA TV
ReelNASA This YouTube site has NASA related videos.
Scientific Visualization NASA This site has images and video for various objects. Most images are of Earth but there are some other solar system objects.
What's Up This web site has video Podcasts with a new topic each month. The archives go back many prior months.
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