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Astronomy Clubs This site is a database of astronomy clubs around the world.
Astronomical League This site promotes astronomy education, observations, and communication between astronomy groups. The site has various Flash videos for viewing and many astronomy resources and links.
Cedar Rapids, IA Cedar Amateur Astronomers
Nebraska Nebraska Star Party
Omaha Omaha Astronomical Society home page. The site has events, club meeting info, forums, astronomical resources and links, etc.
Prarie (Lincoln) Lincoln, Nebraska
Saguaro This club serves Arizona. The web site includes a very useful page on objects to observe. Click on Observing and then on Objects to Observe.
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Astromart I have no connection with this site. This is not an endorsement of this site, it is just a site I found. You should compare prices and ads from other sites before purchasing.
Celestron Tutorials on YouTube This page has links to videos on YouTube that show you how to set up and use Celestron telescopes.
Astrophotography This page has links to several articles on astrophotography.
CCD Pixel Size This article discusses the importance of pixel size for your selection of a CCD camera.
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Calculators This site has various calculators: Jovian moon posiitons Field of View, planet size and viewing info, moon phase, periodic comet positions, etc. The home page has various astronomical images and other resources.
Internet Resources by Celestron This page is a set of resources for amateur astronomers.
Events Astronomy events (Star Parties, Workshops, etc.) across the nation.
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AAVSO American Association of Variable Star Observers
Astro League This is the home page for the Astronomical League. This organization promotes amateur astronomy.
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Rent Telescope Time
... PLEASE NOTE: I have not used any of these services. I have no connection to any of these services. I would recommend that you read all the terms and look at the galleries of photos taken with their equipment. It is likely that I will rent some telescope time from one or more of these services in the future.
Cherry Mountain The telescopes at this Texas site rent for $15 to $55 per hour depending on the telescope and moon phase.
Global Rent-
a-Scope It appears that the cost is about $30/hour and your observing should be completed in a certain number of days. The cost/hour varies depending on the size of the block of time you buy and the phase of the moon when you observe. There is a document that you can download to explain how the system works. They have advanced, well equipped, amateur telescopes available in the northern and southern hemisphere. You will need an FTP computer program and MaximDL image software.
LightBuckets These telescopes are located in New Mexico. On the date I looked at their web page the rent is from $30 to $100 per hour.
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AAVSO This is the home page for the American Association of Variable Star Observers. This site collects visual and electronic data on the brightness of variable stars. The organization has many resources to help people make these observations.
Minor Planet Bulletin This web page promotes analysis of light curves for minor planets (asteroids).
Minor Planet Center This site primarily has a wealth of resources related to minor planets (asteroids). Additionally, there is some information on comets and spacecraft that have been confused with minor planets.
Vizier Database This site gives you access to data published in astronomical journals (over 7000 catalogs are included).
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